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Sime spare parts can help you quickly fix any boiler issue. Sime has been accommodating their customers’ requirements by manufacturing gas boilers and boiler spares for over 40 years. Their heating equipment helps customers control and manage the temperature of their home and enjoy hot water anytime they want. Sime has delivered its services to more than three million homes across the world and manufactures domestic and commercial boilers that work perfectly well in any environment. It also develops and makes hot water cylinders. If your Sime boiler is not working and you need a replacement part, we have everything you need in one place.

Everything You Need To Know About Sime And Their Boiler Spares

Sime is a company that was founded in 1972 in Verona, Italy. Over the years, the business has expanded considerably, and it now has operating divisions around the world – in China, Spain, and Great Britain. Their products, including their boilers and Sime boiler spares, are utilised in markets as diverse as Australia and North America. Over the years, Sime has been responsible for many different efficiencies and innovations. They were the first company to create an efficient and compact plate cast iron radiator back in 1973, and since then, the revolutionary products have kept on coming. It was back in 2002 when Sime opened their first office in the United Kingdom. This means that there are a lot of homes and businesses across the UK with Sime boilers installed, and we are happy to provide the Sime boiler parts that our customers need to deal with any problems here at AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd. As Sime boilers are manufactured using premium quality stainless steel and brass components, as well as the most advanced production systems, this highlights why it is critical that you only replace parts with the real deal. Cheap alternatives and used boiler parts are just going to destroy your boiler at a rapid speed, costing you much more money overall. When you purchase from our website, you know that you are going to benefit from quality parts that are explicitly designed for use with Sime boilers, therefore, enhancing performance and efficiency overall.

What Sime Boiler Spares, Do We Sell?

Sime boilers contain spare parts such as Printed Circuit Boards, Diverter Valves, Fan Assembly, Pressure Transducers, Air Pressure Switches, Electrodes, Burners, Expansion Vessels, Gas Valves, Automatic Air Vents, Pressure Gauges, Pumps and more.

These parts fit into the following Sime boilers:

  • Brava DGT HE25, HE30, HE35
  • EcoComfort 25HE, 30HE, 35HE
  • EcoComfort Plus 25HE, 30HE, 35HE
  • Format DGT 20HE, 25HE, 30HE, 35HE
  • Friendly Format 80, 80E

No matter what Sime boiler spares you require, you can be confident of quality at every turn when you shop with AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd. Not only do we have our ten years of experience in the industry to showcase, but we have an outstanding reputation too. You need to look at the feedback we have received from past clients to see that this is the case. Head to the ‘feedback' section on our website, and you will be taken to the reviews we have received on independent review platform Trust Pilot. You will see that we have a five-star rating and that we only ever sell genuine Sime parts. There are a lot of companies that will try to pass off fake or generic parts as being made for Sime boilers, and it is risky to purchase off such suppliers because their components could cause more harm to your boiler than good. When you purchase from us, you have nothing to worry about. You know you are going to benefit from high levels of quality, efficiency and performance.

Common Issues That Demand Sime Spares

Many different issues are more familiar with Sime boilers and will require genuine Sime spares to replace them, so let’s take a look at them in further detail. If your boiler is losing pressure, you need to check to make sure there are not any leaks. In most cases, the leak will come from a faulty auto air vent, and so replacing this is the best solution. Another fault with Sime boilers, especially the Super 90 and Friendly models, is the boiler pressure climbing higher or getting too high. This causes the plate heat exchanger to split, which means that cold water crosses over and fills the heating circuit. You can usually determine that this has happened because the pressure gauge will be even higher if the pressure was released. Replacing the plate heat exchanger should solve this problem. We have also helped many people who have experienced diverter valve failure with their Sime boiler. You can replace this with the spares we have for sale. When this is a problem, you will find that you only get lukewarm water out of the hot tap. Finally, there was a significant fault with Sime boilers back in 2013, which impacted the 110C, 100C and 80C models. These boilers would overheat. All boilers were updated. If your boiler hasn’t been, you should contact the manufacturer directly because they are responsible, as per HSE, to rectify this.

Fix Your Sime Boiler Quickly With AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd

AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd are located in Leeds West Yorkshire and have been offering a wide variety of Sime boiler spare parts to our clients in Leeds and around the UK for over 10 years. We have made it easier for customers to buy Sime parts via our website and it is easy to use search facilities. However, if you can't find what it is you are looking for, give us a call, and we will be happy to help. You can get in touch with our friendly customer services team on 01977 554775. Alternatively, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.