Glowworm Boiler Spare Parts

Glowworm Boiler Spare Parts

Glowworm Boiler Spare Parts Leeds West Yorkshire

Glowworm spares must be readily accessible for anyone who owns or works on a Glowworm heating system. Glowworm has over 80 years of experience in producing central heating boilers and also offers incredible heating solutions under one roof. It has kept pace with the recent technologies and have come up with versatile products that costumers love to buy. Glowworm have been manufacturing domestic gas boilers that include combination, system and heat only boilers ensuring there is a boiler available for all homeowners. The boilers and the related Glow Worm boiler spare parts are designed in a way that all budgets can be accommodated whilst ensuring quality is not compromised.

See The Full Range Of Glow Worm Boiler Parts

The wide range of Glowworm spares means that it is rare that owners need to replace the entire heating system or boiler, saving consumers both time and money. As a heating engineer or other boiler repair professional, this means that you are able to provide a high quality service at a cost that your customers will remember for all the right reasons. Using genuine Glowworm parts also gives you an advantage over competitors in terms of quality, safety and the longevity of the work you complete. Glowworm boilers contain spare parts such as Printed Circuit Boards, Diverter Valves, Fan Assembly, Pressure Transducers, Air Pressure Switches, Electrodes, Burners, Expansion Vessels, Gas Valves, Automatic Air Vents, Pressure Gauges, Pumps and more.

These Glow Worm boiler spares UK wide fit into the following Glowworm boilers:

  • Betacom 24 & 28
  • C, CI, CXI, HXI, SX, SXI
  • Easicom
  • Economy, Economy Plus
  • Fuelsaver, Fuelsaver Complheat
  • Hideaway
  • Micron
  • Protherm
  • Ultimate, Ultimate 2
  • Ultracom, Ultracom 2

Why Heating Engineers Choose Genuine Glow Worm Boiler Spares

Homeowners need to be assured that the boiler and heating system they have had installed is safe, efficient and effective. When things go wrong, they need to know that there is an engineer they can call who will provide a service that meets these same criteria. They also want to know that they are getting value for money. One way to ensure that you provide all these things is by using, for instance, genuine Glow Worm Ultimate boiler parts for a Glow Worm Ultimate boiler. By taking this approach, you know that the parts you have purchased will fit the boiler in question and will work, without causing further damage to the system or risking the safety of the homeowner. You also know that you are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty if there is a problem with the part later down the line. While you may receive fewer return calls to the same customer by using certified parts, you are more likely to be recommended to other homeowners because of the quality of the job you have completed.

For The Best Glowworm Spares, Choose AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd

AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd are located in Leeds West Yorkshire and have been offering a wide variety of Glowworm boiler spare parts to our clients in Leeds and around the UK for over 10 years. All the parts within the Glowworm boilers have been manufactured to boost the efficiency and longevity of the boiler. You can rest assured that your boiler will run smoothly after a repair has been carried out using quality Glowworm spares supplied by us. Ordering is quick and easy using our online search facility. See our website for further details.

Glowworm S227034 Micron Fan

Part: S227034

Price: £84.75
Glowworm SWX5503 Ignition Lead

Part: SWX5503

Price: £8.83
Glowworm SWW4617 Ignition Lead

Part: SWW4617

Price: £16.16
Glow-worm SWW4613 Ignition Lead

Part: SWW4613

Price: £14.81
Glowworm SWW4612 Ignition Lead

Part: SWW4612

Price: £17.73
Glowworm SWW4610 Ignition Lead

Part: SWW4610

Price: £9.11
Glowworm SWW4609 Ignition Lead

Part: SWW4609

Price: £10.29
Glowworm SK8968 Trasformer

Part: SK8968

Price: £75.70
Glowworm SK7218 Hideaway Pilot Injector

Part: SK7218

Price: £6.44
Glow-worm SK2674 Ultimate & Spacesaver Thermocouple

Part: SK2674

Price: £17.95
Glowworm S900847 Ultimate 2 Fuses Main Printed Circuit Board

Part: S900847

Price: £143.80
Glowworm S900817 Ultimate 1 Fuse Main Printed Circuit Board

Part: S900817

Price: £138.61
Glowworm S900601 Economy Fuelsaver Burner

Part: S900601

Price: £126.80
Glowworm S900500 Spacesaver Ultimate Ignition Electrode

Part: S900500

Price: £20.56
Glowworm S900004 Fireblaze Thermocouple

Part: S900004

Price: £8.78
Glowworm S900002 Flickerflame & Homeglow Thermocouple

Part: S900002

Price: £9.95
Glowworm S900001 Hideaway Thermocouple

Part: S900001

Price: £12.95
Glowworm S900000 Fuelsaver Thermocouple

Part: S900000

Price: £8.95
Glowworm S801216 Gaskets For Heat Exchanger (Plate)

Part: S801216

Price: £6.41
Glowworm S801203 Compact Temperature Sensor

Part: S801203

Price: £36.28
Glowworm S801201 Compact Diaphragm

Part: S801201

Price: £26.95
Glowworm S801199 Compact 2 Wire Flow Switch

Part: S801199

Price: £22.95
Glowworm S801198 Compact Motor For Diverter Valve

Part: S801198

Price: £32.25
Glowworm S801197 Compact Service Kit For Diverter Valve

Part: S801197

Price: £101.19
Glowworm S801196 Housing Gaskets

Part: S801196

Price: £54.89
Glowworm S801195 Compact 100E Heat Exchanger (Plate)

Part: S801195

Price: £89.95
Glowworm S801194 Comapct Heat Exchanger (Plate)

Part: S801194

Price: £99.95
Glowworm S801191 Diaphragm

Part: S801191

Price: £4.95
Glowworm S801189 Compact 3 Wire Flow Switch

Part: S801189

Price: £33.07
Glowworm S801186 Auto Air Vent

Part: S801186

Price: £13.75
Glowworm S801184 Compact Motor Only For Pump

Part: S801184

Price: £158.13
Glowworm S801068 Energysaver Combi Auto Air Vent

Part: S801068

Price: £10.95
Glowworm S800850 Ultimate (2 Pin) Thermostat

Part: S800850

Price: £35.72
Glowworm S800849 Ikon Control Thermostat

Part: S800849

Price: £35.72
Glowworm S800131 Solenoid

Part: S800131

Price: £57.84
Glowworm S5744100 Xtrafast 2000 Air Pressure Switch

Part: S5744100

Price: £52.03
Glowworm S5739800 Xtrafast NTC Temperature Thermistor

Part: S5739800

Price: £26.08
Glowworm S5720600 Xtramax 3-Way Valve Motor

Part: S5720600

Price: £32.25
Glowworm S5720500 Xtrafast Low Water Pressure Sensor

Part: S5720500

Price: £26.33
Glowworm S5720200 Flow Sensor

Part: S5720200

Price: £40.05
Glowworm S457077 Compact E Fan

Part: S457077

Price: £260.73
Glowworm S451477 Oxypilot

Part: S451477

Price: £46.23
Glowworm S448103 Fire Control Knob

Part: S448103

Price: £8.50
Glowworm S427524 Ultimate Control Knob

Part: S427524

Price: £12.61
Glowworm S412855 Pilot Window

Part: S412855

Price: £6.41
Glowworm S411194 Sight Glass

Part: S411194

Price: £6.63
Glowworm S230508 Gas Valve

Part: S230508

Price: £177.19
Glowworm S230357 Economy, Fuelsaver Air Pressure Switch

Part: S230357

Price: £53.67
Glowworm S230000 Fuelsaver Air Pressure Switch

Part: S230000

Price: £45.95
Glowworm S227129 Compact 100 Air Pressure Switch

Part: S227129

Price: £30.14
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