These parts are normally located in the hydraulic and diverter valve section of the Chaffoteaux boiler, they normally detect if a pump is running or if a diverter valve has moved position from heating to hot water.

Micro Switches are generally fitted to older boilers but can be found in some of the newer more energy efficient Chaffoteaux boilers. When the Micro Switch is operated an electrical signal is sent down to the printed circuit indicating that the Micro Switch has changed position.

Chaffoteaux 60078404 Celtic Microswitch

Part: 60078404

Price: £6.95
Chaffoteaux 61001157 Celtic Single Microswitch

Part: 61001157

Price: £3.96
Chaffoteaux 998921 Microswitch

Part: 998921

Price: £12.36
Chaffoteaux 560146 Microswitch

Part: 560146

Price: £14.03
Chaffoteaux 61301904 Britony Combi Microswitch

Part: cha61301904

Price: £6.34