These are used in many different ways and can be referred to as a Spark Electrode or Ignition Electrode, these electrodes ignite the gas within the Chaffoteaux boiler when gas is first present within the combustion chamber.

The Flame Rectification Electrode, Ionisation Electrode or Flame Detection Electrode monitors the flame within the combustion chamber, the sole purpose of these Chaffoteaux detection electrodes is to confirm there is a flame burning and if for any reason the flame was to extinguish the electrode would detect this and send a signal to the pcb which in turn would stop gas being injected into the burner.

Chaffoteaux 995964 Detection Electrode

Part: 995964

Price: £26.98
Chaffoteaux 60081394 Flame Supervision Kit

Part: 60081394

Price: £39.58
Chaffoteaux 64202264 Ignition Electrode

Part: 64202264

Price: £61.07
Chaffoteaux 65100250 Ignition Electrode

Part: 65100250

Price: £6.64
Chaffoteaux 998624 Detection Electrode

Part: 998624

Price: £6.89
Chaffoteaux 340407 Electrode

Part: 340407

Price: £27.31