Also known as an NTC temperature sensor, they monitor the temperature of the central heating water and also the domestic hot water, by sending a signal to the main printed circuit board which in turn reduces the amount of gas that is being delivered to the burner hence reducing the amount of gas being used and making the boiler more efficient.

Thermostats are safety devices which are fitted to all boilers, they are also referred to as limit stats, control stats and overheat stats. The control thermostat normally sits behind the control knob at the front of the boiler The thermostat is a control on the boiler that enables you to change or set the temperature of your central heating system most of the other thermostats are located inside the boiler and monitor temperature. If excessive temperatures are detected the thermostats turn off the boiler and normally have to be re-set to allow the boiler to work again.

Ferroli 39818370 Sigma NTC Wet Sensor

Part: 39818370

Price: £29.38
Potterton Pump Overrun Thermostat 404496

Part: 404496

Price: £54.89
Saunier Duval 05706000 Combitek Thermister

Part: 05706000

Price: £28.13
Potterton Limit Thermostat 5115349

Part: 5115349

Price: £19.43
Ferroli 39804010 Pegasus High Low Thermostat

Part: 39804010

Price: £51.28
Potterton Sensor Dhw Flow- 720480801

Part: 720480801

Price: £48.09
Main Boiler Thermostat 404510

Part: 404510

Price: £37.10
Ariston 571830 SX Thermostat

Part: 571830

Price: £32.69
Glowworm 0020038689 Betacom CH Sensor

Part: 0020038689

Price: £24.48
Main 402S184 Overheat Limit Thermostat

Part: 402S184

Price: £12.73
Vokera 20007050 Flue Sensor Thermistor

Part: 20007050

Price: £14.26
Main D.H.W Limitstat 5106362

Part: 5106362

Price: £40.56
Potterton Overheat Stat Kit 5106746

Part: 5106746

Price: £28.42
Main Overheat Flue Thermostat 5112395

Part: 5112395

Price: £6.51
Chaffoteaux 570760 Thermostat

Part: 570760

Price: £8.51
Chaffoteaux 60054631 Celtic Thermocouple

Part: 60054631

Price: £39.50
Main Temperature Thermistor 404516

Part: 404516

Price: £16.37
Baxi 720126401 Bermuda Overheat Thermostat

Part: 720126401

Price: £10.29
Potterton 720747101 Thermistors (Thermodisc)

Part: 720747101

Price: £16.93
Potterton Limit Stat 404S613

Part: 404S613

Price: £11.18
Baxi 233197 Ranco Thermostat

Part: 233197

Price: £24.19
Tribune S6211 Combined Thermostat

Part: S6211

Price: £86.68
Ariston 573015 Genus NTC Thermister

Part: 573015

Price: £23.82
Baxi 402S185 Limitstat

Part: 402S185

Price: £12.73
Saunier Duval O/Heat stat 2000800477

Part: 2000800477

Price: £44.04
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