Chaffoteaux 571646 Microgenus Heat Exchanger (Plate)

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Please ensure you read the product description below regarding this Chaffoteaux Plate Heat Exchanger 571646, as there may be other parts that you may need to consider when buying this Plate Heat Exchanger.

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Chaffoteaux 571646 Microgenus Heat Exchanger (Plate)

Chaffoteaux 571646 Microgenus Heat Exchanger (Plate) - This Plate Heat Exchanger can be found in the hydraulics section of the appliance and works in conjunction with the diverter valve. It allows heat generated by the main heat exchanger to be transferred across the plates of the secondary heat exchanger. This heat is then transferred from the plates into the cold water flowing through the plates which is then sent out to the hot taps as hot water.

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This is an OEM Part

The term OEM is an abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturer, this means the OEM made the part and sold it on to the boiler manufacturer to fit into their boilers.

For example, Rolls Royce makes aeroplane engines and sell them to Boeing and AirBus who then sell their planes to companies like British Airways & Virgin Atlantic. If British Airways went to Rolls Royce to buy a new engine they would be buying an OEM engine because they were not buying it from Boeing or Airbus. The engine is still a brand new original part but is purchased from the OEM.

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