Biasi BI1001108 Flat Gasket (3/4 Inch)

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Biasi BI1001108 Flat Gasket (3/4 Inch)

Flat Gasket 3/4 Inch -Replaced Part Number 400190160000 BG1001108

Activ A 12ov
Activ A 15ov
Activ A 18s
Activ A 20ov
Activ A 25c
Activ A 25ov
Activ A 25s
Activ A 30c
Activ A 30s
Activ A 35c
Advance 15ov
Advance 18ov
Advance 24ov
Advance 25c
Advance 25s
Advance 30c
Advance 30s
Advance 35c
Advance Plus 16s Erp
Advance Plus 25c Erp
Advance Plus 25s Erp
Advance Plus 30c Erp
Advance Plus 30s Erp
Advance Plus 35c Erp
Garda He M96.24 Sm/B
Garda He M96.24 Sm/D
Garda He M96.28 Sm/B
Garda He M96.28 Sm/D
Garda M90f 24s
Garda M90f 24sr
Garda M90f 28s
Garda M90f 28sr
Garda M90f 32s
Inovia 16s
Inovia 25c
Inovia 25c Erp
Inovia 25s
Inovia 25s Erp
Inovia 30c
Inovia 30c Erp
Inovia 35c
Inovia 35c Erp
Parva M90 24s
Parva M90 24sr
Parva M90 28s
Parva M90 28sr
Prisma 24s
Prisma 24se
Prisma 24ser Sealed System Boiler
Prisma 24sr
Prisma 28s
Prisma 28se
Riva Advance He M110.24sm/C
Riva Advance He M110.32sm/C
Riva Advance Iso M110b.24sm/C
Riva Compact He M96.24 Sm/C
Riva Compact He M96.28sm/C
Riva Compact He M96.28sr/C
Riva Compact M90e 24s
Riva Compact M90e 28s
Riva Compact M90e 32s
Riva Plus M90d 24s
Riva Plus M90d 24sr
Riva Plus M90d 28s
Riva Plus M90d 28sr
Savio Gaia 424rs
Savio Gaia 424s
Savio Gaia 428s

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Further Information
This is an OEM Part

The term OEM is an abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturer, this means the OEM made the part and sold it on to the boiler manufacturer to fit into their boilers.

For example, Rolls Royce makes aeroplane engines and sell them to Boeing and AirBus who then sell their planes to companies like British Airways & Virgin Atlantic. If British Airways went to Rolls Royce to buy a new engine they would be buying an OEM engine because they were not buying it from Boeing or Airbus. The engine is still a brand new original part but is purchased from the OEM.

All parts sold by AK Gas Appliance & Spares Ltd are brand new, they are not used or reconditioned in any way. When buying from us you can rest assured your product is CE Approved and comes with a 1 Year Warranty.