This part is in the boiler to protect the boiler from excessive surges and that the pressure within the boiler operates within safe parameters normally between 1 to 2.5 bar. The expansion vessel is filled half full of air and half full of water. The most common issues customer’s encounter when the expansion vessel is faulty is the boiler pressure builds to 3 bar and hot water starts to drip through the pressure relief valve and outside via the discharge pipe. When the boiler then cools down the pressure in the boiler falls to 0 bar and won’t fire up. The customer then has to fill the boiler back up by using the filling loop normally located below the boiler. Once the pressure in the boiler is back at 1 -1.5bar the boiler will start to work again.

Heatline Expansion Vessel 7 Litre D002209497

Part: D002209497

Price: £157.28
Potterton Expansion Vessel 235883

Part: 235883

Price: £132.56
Alpha 1.023560 Expansion Vessel

Part: 1.023560

Price: £82.00
Ideal 079268 Sprint DHW Expansion Vessel

Part: 079268

Price: £90.84
Main Expansion Vessel 5114692

Part: 5114692

Price: £59.95
Vokera 10020840 Mynute Expansion Vessel

Part: 10020840

Price: £91.58
Baxi 235883 Genesis Expansion Vessel

Part: 235883

Price: £132.56
Baxi 26009157 Vessel

Part: 26009157

Price: £123.11
Chaffoteaux 60000227 Expansion Vessel

Part: 60000227

Price: £102.40
Baxi 238395 Genesis Expansion Vessel

Part: 238395

Price: £65.65
Main 18 Litre Expansion Vessel P781

Part: P781

Price: £84.35
Vokera 10028603 Expansion Vessel Flexi Pipe

Part: 10028603

Price: £13.32
Ideal 113205 Classic Expansion Vessel

Part: 113205

Price: £85.98
Ideal 176463 Expansion Vessel Pipe

Part: 176463

Price: £29.44
Potterton Expansion Vessel S62753

Part: S62753

Price: £78.34
Potterton Expansion Vessel 5114691

Part: 5114691

Price: £63.66
Vaillant 181051 EcoTec Expansion Vessel

Part: 181051

Price: £80.00
Heatline D003202562 Solaris Expansion Vessel

Part: D003202562

Price: £157.28
Vokera 10025188 Expansion Vessel Flexi Pipe

Part: 10025188

Price: £15.99
Potterton Expansion Vessel 720542301

Part: 720542301

Price: £69.63
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