The Printed Circuit Board or Pcb as it is commonly known is located behind the user control section of the Biasi boiler. It runs and monitors the entire boiler ensuring it monitors all the temperatures, air flow pressures, water pressures, water flow within the boiler and controls the gas supply to the burners. This is achieved by receiving information from these safety devices within the boiler such as thermisters, temperature sensors, air pressure switches, transducers, pressure switches, gas valves and many more.

If any of the Biasi safety devices detect excessive readings or fail to work the information is sent back to the printed circuit board which in turn switches off the boiler to ensure safety to life and property. The printed circuit board regulates all the gas pressures sent to the burner it also runs the fan and monitors its condition, it runs the pump and monitors the flow of water that the pump is creating and also ensures the boiler runs safely and efficiently all the time. There are a number of different types of Biasi printed circuit boards and these are categorised as: Main or Primary, Ignition, Display and Interface.

Biasi BI2035101 Activ A Control PCB

Part: BI2035101

Price: £38.43
Biasi BI2015105 Riva Plus HE PCB

Part: BI2015105

Price: £147.98
Biasi BI2195113 Activ A Advance Plus PCB

Part: BI2195113

Price: £40.83