These are fitted to the boilers to ensure all the burnt products such as carbon monoxide CO is removed from the Biasi boiler to the outside safely. The fan also brings fresh air'Oxygen'into the boiler to enable the boiler to burn the gas safely. The fan receives its voltage and is driven directly from the printed circuit board which also control the complete boiler.

These Biasi fans come in two categories:

  1. The first category being a 240V driven fan, these fans were fitted to the older non condensing boilers and only have 1 speed, so they are either on or off.
  2. The second category being a DC driven fan, these fans are fitted to the newer energy efficient boilers and can have their speeds varied and regulated via the printed circuit board pcb.
Biasi BI1016108 Gaia Riva 24 Fan

Part: BI1016108

Price: £114.95
Biasi BI1293105 Riva Advance HE ISO Fan

Part: BI1293105

Price: £235.90
Biasi BI1406101 Garda HE 28SM Fan

Part: BI1406101

Price: £121.22
Biasi BI1336116 Garda Riva Compact Fan

Part: BI1336116

Price: £121.22
Biasi BI1336104 Garda Riva Compact Fan

Part: BI1336104

Price: £89.95
Biasi BI1536113 MK2 Riva Compact HE 32 Fan

Part: BI1536113

Price: £73.17
Biasi BI1223113 Garda HE Plus, Riva Advance Fan

Part: BI1223113

Price: £194.62
Biasi BI1536105 Riva Compact HE 24 Fan

Part: BI1536105

Price: £65.65
Biasi BI1536106 Riva Compact HE 28 Fan

Part: BI1536106

Price: £91.57
Biasi BI1313102 Activ A Fan

Part: BI1313102

Price: £181.97
Biasi KI1087120 Savio Acquapiu 120 Fan

Part: KI1087120

Price: £153.26
Biasi BI1366102 Garda Riva Compact Fan

Part: BI1366102

Price: £99.51
Biasi BI1256102 28S Gaia Fan

Part: BI1256102

Price: £102.95
Biasi BI1406100 Garda HE 24SM Fan

Part: BI1406100

Price: £99.51
Biasi BI1016109 Prisma Savio 28 Fan

Part: BI1016109

Price: £142.64
Biasi KI1117120 Savio Acquapiu 124 Fan

Part: KI1117120

Price: £148.40
Biasi BI1366103 Garda Riva Compact Fan

Part: BI1366103

Price: £121.22
Biasi BI1376105 Garda 32S Fan

Part: BI1376105

Price: £91.39
Biasi BI1336105 Parva 28 Fan

Part: BI1336105

Price: £117.61